Friday, February 11, 2011

Falling Snow and Movie Nights...

Well, snow fell again today here in Wisconsin. Hard to believe, I know. But it did. Thankfully, not much, and the weather man did promise a warm weekend. So, instead of grumbling about it we chose to enjoy it. Though I don't like driving in it I do love the sight of falling snow. There is something magical about it; white fluffy pieces that float in the air. But yet, with just a slight change in state, the same would be become heavy and plunge to the ground. Or at the opposite extreme, dissipate and become invisible. God is amazing!

The kids have been doing great this past week. Katie has done some coughing but not much and for the most part they all are healthy.

Alysabeth has made some progress with her reading. We have tried a different approach and though we are still working on reading we are trying to make it more Beth friendly and less demanding. On her own she is starting to try and read books and has found that with just a little effort she can get through Garfield comics. Thank God for Garfield! It has really motivated her to read! Yay! Who would have known?

Tonight was movie night for our house. Daddy bought the newest cartoon (Guardians of Ga'hoole) to add to our overly excessive collection. We all snuggled down with blankets. Daddy popped some popcorn, and handed out some candy hearts and we started it up. It was an excellent movie and I am glad I forced myself to watch it instead of continuing to read 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. Yes, I admit, I usually bring a book to movie night. Well, we all made it through, except for Katie who ended the movie curled up and fast asleep on one end of the couch.  I think that makes for a successful night, right? :)

Well, goodnight from Wisconsin!

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