Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ahh, Yes... Winter...

It sure has hit us by force. Cold, sickness, and snow. This past month has been pretty busy. Fun Christmas' with all our wonderful family. Tons of new toys for the kids. But we have also been busy with other things and so things like, cleaning my house, and updating this blog have been kind of placed on the back burner. But, I am hoping to get caught up.

Unfortunately, we have had to deal with quite a bit of sickness this month. Flu and colds and we are still trying to work some of it out of our systems. It seems to be a nasty year for bugs. My work place has been filled with sick residents, and an illness is no small thing when you are elderly.

Now, except for some lingering effects of colds the kids are pretty healthy, with the normal energy (which is way more then I have), and enthusiasm. They have been doing really well in school, despite the fact that our lessons continue to get interrupted by sickness. Starting this next week we MUST do some major catch up! Pray for some diligent kids! Happy would be a bonus! :)

Nathan had his first spelling test and got an easy 100%. Yeah, no sweat off his back. He whipped out those words with no problems, even sang a tune while he was at it. I have a feeling spelling is going to be his strong point. He already spells words I haven't taught him yet. He's one of those kids I was so jealous of as a spelling-challenged kid. I am so thankful I live in a word that has electronic spell checkers. The person who first created it was a genius, and saved all those like me from looking like idiots! Haha! :) Well, at least in that area. Lol!

Alysabeth is really working hard on her reading. We have been concerned that she is a little dyslexic. She shows quite a bit of difficulty with recognizing the difference between p, b, and d and also with reading words backwards. My mom has ordered a dyslexic work book for her to help her with sorting out the things she is seeing. It is very hard for her, and the more frustrated she gets the more screwed up the letters and words look. But, she is reading at a transition level between first and second grade so we are not that far behind. With Nathan, reading comes easy, but poor Alysabeth will probably struggle for a while until we get past the dyslexia (which she may always struggle somewhat with). :(

Katie, is Katie. :) She is such a sweet lovable little girl with an indomitable spirit! She is a born leader and taking direction from Mommy and Daddy is very difficult for her. But, she knows her own mind, and what she wants, is what she wants. All a good thing if lead in the right direction! So pray for wisdom for us!! :) She is learning well too and should have no problems with kindergarten next year. I never had to teach her the alphabet or her numbers and counting. She already knows them. I am sure she has picked them up while I taught the other kids. A blessing since we will have a jump start on things! :)

Well, sending out blessings from the Gnewikow household! May everyone stay healthy and warm this cold, miserable Winter! And watch out, more snow is coming!



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