Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well, as most of you know we have had a rough past week. Nathan, a week ago Sunday, scratched his eye badly and on Monday the 3rd they ended up removing a layer of damaged cornea. We have had a lot of prayer and after a week of healing and many doctor visits we are excited to have our old Nathan back! Yesterday we were able to take the shield off and it would appear that nothing had even happened. God is good!!

For those who are unaware of the details, here is the original prayer request email that I sent on Monday, May 3rd.

"Wanted to send out a prayer request and a praise God. Nathan had injured his eye yesterday. I brought him into the clinic this morning since there was no improvement. As soon as the doctor put in the numbing drops and Nathan opened his eye both of our jaws dropped. It was awful! He immediately handed us over to an eye specialist. After the eye specialist dyed Nathan's eye and viewed it under a scope he called the cornea specialist in LaCrosse for advice and to see if he should just send Nathan there instead of trying to treat him here. When Nathan's cornea was scratched it literally separated and bunched over his iris, part of it still attached. The only option was to remove the layer of destroyed cornea. Generally to do this Nathan would have to be sedated at the hospital. The other way was for him to be perfectly still at the clinic while the doctor scraped and sanded his cornea. Eeeek! Of course we were thinking, sedation. The doctor wanted to give it a try at the clinic first so while he was out consulting LaCrosse again Nathan and I prayed. We prayed that Nathan would be calm and still and that God would be with the Doctor's hands.
The doctor brought in all of his tools. Nathan was really scared. However, as soon as his chin was resting in the machine that allowed the Doctor to treat his eye while looking through a scope, he went completely still. The Doctor was amazed! He completed the entire procedure at the clinic with Nathan fully awake. The doctor said that Nathan was better then the majority of his adult patients. It could have only been God!! He was listening! :) Praise Him!! They placed a contact lens over his eye and we are giving him drops every hour he is awake and we will be heading back to see the doctor tomorrow. He did send us his home phone and cell in case there were any complications before our appointment. He said that it was a very significant injury. Please continue to pray for Nathan's healing. He can't touch his eye or rub it. We don't want the contact to dislodge so be praying for that! Thank you all!!"

Thanks again for all your prayers!!


Welcome to the first official blog from 'The Gnewikows'! :) I wanted to give friends and family a place to go to keep up on the happenings of the household. I will do my best to post here at least weekly, hopefully more, along with adding some pics of the kiddos. Hope all is well!