Thursday, June 6, 2013

In good times and bad....

Well, a few days ago we began to watch for the long expected arrival of baby chicks. Bantum Buffs to be exact. But, they didn't arrive when they were suppose to. We began to worry. And pray. Rightly so. When the crate finally arrived we discovered that only three of the twelve had survived. And the poor survivors were incredibly weak. Another passed a couple hours later, despite our efforts. Thus leaving two lonely siblings. It has been a rough day... and an even rougher past few days for these poor birds. Only time, and God, will tell of they will continue to thrive.

Alysabeth (who has been the faithful watcher) heartbroken and crying over the lost little one wrote a headstone for it:

A chick that died at 3 days old. "Little Squirt" (The nickname they lovingly gave him)

 Praying these remaining two babies survive!!


In other news this past week we discovered a worsening allergy in Katie. Last year she had shown signs of being abnormally sensitive to mosquito bites. This year is even worse! The swelling and redness in that poor girl is insane! It is now daily Zyrtec for the little one and extreme protection!!! Lots, and lots of bug spray!

These pictures do not show these looking near as bad as they look in person!

Can you see the huge patches of red?!?

On top of that, I discovered a full deer tick on Katie, surrounded by a nice red ring. Grrr!!! Praying we don't have any Lymes to deal with in the future!!


Now for a good story! :)  We had a power outage this past Sunday morning. Did it stop us at church? Absolutely not! A few acoustics, some bongos and a circle gathering type singing and it ended up being one of the best worship services yet!! It was so freeing and so many people (not only myself) thoroughly enjoyed it! Maybe we should spend a lot more Sundays without power!! Yay!

Many Blessings!