Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Night Out

Yay! A night out! We had been planning it for a while and even though I was a little sick it was so much fun! So, Friday night Mark and I, Jamie and Gina, and Scott and Missy headed up to the Buffalo Wild Wings in LaCrosse. Unfortunately, of course, the first snow storm of the year had to hit that night, but what did we care? We needed a night out and it did not stop us! We are thankful for the snow anyway. It sure adds to the spirit of Christmas!

Well, anyway, we had all been anticipating watching Scott take the Buffalo Wing Challenge: a basket of wings in their hottest sauce in roughly 5 minutes... something like that. Well, after requesting to first taste the sauce, he changed his mind. Lol! Never request to taste first! It will wear you down. However, we did get to watch the neighbor table as they rooted on one of their own as he flung chicken here and there and covered his face in sauce. That was the best part! Lol! Sauce face! Haha!

And, another thing. I decided NEVER to have a birthday at Buffalo Wild Wings. Yeah, they bring out a microphone and make the entire building sing to you. Embarrassing!! But the birthday girl was a sweet little thing... 22-years-old. How cute is that?! Ah, to be 22 again...

After we ate we headed to Shopko - SHOE DEPARTMENT. But none of us bought any shoes.

Mostly we just had fun and enjoyed each others company. Something we don't get to do nearly so often as adults.


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