Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Belated Birthday Post!

Nathan also had a birthday just a couple weeks ago. I missed posting it since I hadn't been updating our blog but wanted to put his in too!

Nathan's birthday began with his favorite breakfast of streusel coffee cake! Unlike Katie, Nathan knew it was his birthday and was extremely excited! He ran into our room and woke Mark up. "Dad it's my birthday!!"

After we ate our breakfast we all headed out to the Cranberry Lodge for a swim, except nobody knew where we were going but Mark and I! When we pulled in the kids started whooping and clapping they were so happy!

We played for about two hours in the kiddie pool. The kids went on the water slides and played with the fountains, they had a blast!

I did learn a little something though. I am going to have to put a little water diaper or something on Katie when we go. No, she didn't go in the pool! Lol! I just had a hard time keeping her little butt covered! The water slide gave her wedgies!! Hahaha!! Of course she seemed oblivious to them and would proceed to climb back up her tiny cheeks hanging out! It was tooo funny!

Nathan picked Culver's for lunch and afterward we headed home for some presents and to make the cupcakes he picked out the day before!

Nathan got some Lego collections and the next day some controllers and games, and Toy Story shirts, some of which were from Uncle Jamie, Aunt Gina, and Grandma and Grandpa Richard! :)

After Nathan's spaghetti supper he blew out his candles, while Dad tried to keep Katie from beating him to it! He then ate his vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles! Yummmm!!

We had a lot of fun! Yay for birthdays!!
Love you, Nathan!!

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