Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another year older....

We had another birthday yesterday. Katie, my littlest baby, turned four. Time sure does fly!

She was a little bit in denial at first yesterday when Beth began her day with the 'Happy Birthday' song. I had to step in and assure her that it was indeed her birthday. We hadn't hidden the fact from her, and had actually been telling her all day the previous day that after she slept she would have a birthday, but somehow she must have thought it was a game. Haha!

She got her choice of a breakfast which turned out to be PB&J and chips. An interesting breakfast and, honestly, I was hoping for pancakes. :) Beth opted for some chips as well... Salt and Vinegar chips with her Honey Comb cereal. Boy, my kids have some strange tastes! Nathan, just had Honey Comb... whew! :)

At lunch, Mark, ran and picked up Katie's second choice for a meal, McDonalds! :) And then Katie got a surprise visit from Uncle Jamie and Aunt Gina who came bearing gifts from them and Grandma and Grandpa Richard. She was so excited!

Dress-up Princess shoes from Grandma and Grandpa Richard! She LOVED them! She tried them all on and was not without a pair the rest of the day! :) Of course, I had to convinced her to wear real shoes to Wal-Mart.

From Jamie and Gina she got a bunch of goodies and a book that had it's own music player! She danced to the music wearing her new princess shoes. :) It was too cute!!

Afterward just Katie and I went on a shopping trip. We got groceries and she spent the money Mark and I gave her on a white princess dress and a little fur-real kitty. And then she got to pick out the mix, frosting and toppings for her cupcakes! Pink cupcakes with pink frosting and flower sprinkles! My girl is soooo predictable! Lol!

And after another one of her favorite meals (pizza) she got to blow out some candles and eat them!

A successful birthday I would say!! :)
Happy Birthday, Katie!!!

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