Friday, November 19, 2010

Pictures and Updates!

Well, I try the best I can to get good photos of my kids. :) Alysabeth is wonderful. She sits or stands, smiles, whatever I ask her. Nathan is my goofy face maker and it is very difficult for me to get a natural looking picture unless I tell him not to smile. Now Katie... haha! "Take a picture of me jumping, Mom!" She wants me to capture her in motion. Constant motion. When she does say "cheese" for the picture she gives a silly grin and raises those pointy little eyebrows. Lol! Cute! :)

Well, the kids and I wanted to play around with photos on PhotoFunia so here are some of our creations. :) And a little update on each of them.

Well, Alysabeth is doing very well in school. We are still struggling a little with reading but she is more receptive to it and we have started to rent books from the library for her to work on. We are trying to get her comfortable with reading level 2 books. In math she is doing excellent! Her next lesson starts her working with triple digit addition and subtraction. On Wednesday nights she attends Awana at church as a Spark. She goes and learns Bible stories and memorizes verses. She has lots of fun! Other small bits... Alysabeth has decided to grow her hair out again, but she brushes it and takes care of it by herself. She is also very proud because she now takes showers instead of baths. :) Haha! And she has decided on a new future career choice. She wants to work in Animal Rehabilitation.

Nathan, my little funny guy! Lol! He is also doing very well in school! I have been so pleased this year with his progress. He is reading very well. He is working on addition in math and also really enjoys it but his favorite class is "healthy class". Lol! He LOVES health! He is also in Sparks on Wednesday nights. It is a fun night! Nathan also finally has a best friend. His name is Mark. They get to play almost every Friday together. They enjoy all the same things, games, GI Joes, Batman, and they have so much fun together. Mark is a year older than him. Nathan, like Alysabeth, also wants to have longer hair and I am trying to accommodate him but I sure am missing the clipper cut. :) He also has decided something regarding his future, that should change by the pre-teen to teen years at least, is that he wants to marry me. I think it is so sweet. Daddy, not so much. Lol! Nathan informed Mark last night that as soon as he grows up Dad was going to have to give me up. Haha!

Katie is my little spit fire. Lol! I am still trying to figure her out. :) She is so sweet and cuddly and then very stubborn and trying at the same time. She has a lot of preferences and she wants to be her own boss. She informed me the other day that she will no longer be eating anything but peanut butter and jelly, and cheese. Lol! She has begun to talk up a storm and I wish I had a recorder to catch every funny thing she says. Her favorite things right now are her Jessie doll, dress up things, and littlest pet shops. Her most favorite of course is Jessie and she LOVES to dress up like her, boots, hat, and braid. She will come up to me and say, "Mom, can I have a Jessie hair style?" Too cute! Haha! She also goes to Awana, but nights are not the best time for her and it is a struggle for us to get through the night without issues. So please pray!! Also once the coloring stuff comes out during the night she does NOT want to move on to anything else!

Well, last thing, the kids will all be singing at church on Sunday with their Awana groups so I am going to do my best to remember my camera and get some pics!

Well, that's it for the updates. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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Karmen and Greg said...

I LOVE it! The pictures are great! Your commentary is great! I'm so happy that there is another blogger in the family now! Your blog is beautiful! I'm looking forward to following along!