Thursday, August 26, 2010


My dear sweet, Beth is growing up too fast! Hard to believe that next month she will be eight already! Where does time go?

Beth this year has been the busiest of the kiddos. At this time she is, once a week, going out for a four hour session at Christian Ranchers, learning all she can about horses and riding. She has a new friend whom she enjoys spending time with and who also joins her for class. His name is Madison.

She also goes twice a week to practice for Crantastic Singers and will be performing, on her birthday, at Cranfest this year. This is also the first year she will have a solo! She does such a wonderful job and I am soooooo proud of her!! :)

Her reading this summer has improved in leaps and bounds and I am so happy as it had been such a struggle for her during the last school year. Now she works on her reading without any prompting from me!
I am so proud of my girl!! Looking forward to an awesome school year with her!!

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